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Unstopping Clogged Drains

Unstopping Clogged Drains, Toilets, and Sewers

A gentle yet effective approach to coaxing free a clog from a drain is to use simple household ingredients instead of burning a hole through the clog with industrial lye or acid. There are even bacteria-based enzyme cleaners available in health food stores that eat the clog free from the pipe without harming everything else in which it comes into contact. And it is always worth it to try unclogging a drain first with an old-fashioned plunger; they very often do the trick. If all else fails, you might try an electric plumber’s snake, but it is recommended that to prevent injury, only professional plumbers should use this equipment.

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All plumbing systems develop clogs—there's simply no way to avoid it. However, most stopped-up sinks and plugged toilets can be fixed without calling in a plumber. What you need to complete the job on your own are the right tools and a little determination.

We'll show you how to clear stubborn clogs in a kitchen sink, bathtub, toilet and floor drain. These proven techniques will dislodge virtually any clog. Remember, if you can't clear a clog after a few attempts, turn the job over to a drain-cleaning service or licensed plumber. Exerting too much force can permanently damage a pipe or fixture.

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How to Clear a Clogged Drain with Vinegar - Watch the video on YouTube

Tips For Clogged Drains & Homemade Drain Cleaner Recipe

Here’s a tip sheet listing a few methods to clearing out clogged drains in the kitchen sink (plugged bathtub drains can benefit from these too).

At the bottom you’ll find a suggestion for monthly drain maintenance and a homemade drain cleaner recipe to keep your drains as trouble free as possible.

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